Using 3D Animation

In recent years, 3d animation has become so good that many feature length movies and advertisements are made only using computer generated imagery. Production houses that only work in 3d animation have cropped up, and create anything from Hollywood productions to TV advertisements. A 3d animation company and its workers are normally credited as both artists and engineers in the credits of most movies and videos. This is appropriate because the work of an animator is quite technical in nature, because they create their images using the most sophisticated computer programs and hardware. At the same time, they also have to be artistic in the types of images they create.

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What is 3d Animation

3d animation is the use of computers to generate imagery that is three dimensional in nature. This is contrasted with 2d animation, which is animation that is usually hand drawn, and that is normally only two dimensional. The images in 2d animation can only move left, right, up or down. They cannot move farther or closer to the virtual camera. However, images in three dimensional animation can move in the third dimension too towards or farther from the camera. This makes them seem much more real.

Three dimensional animation is centered around models, which can be made to move and emote using computer commands. These models can also be remotely controlled by humans who can act. Actions of actors can be captured and then inserted into virtual models, which then copy the movements of the human actor. A computer model can therefore replicate the actions and facial expressions of a human actor. This adds another level of realism to the whole production.

Applications of 3d Animation

The most noticeable application of 3 animation, and where most 3d animation companies find employment, is in Hollywood productions. Pixar and Disney are two of the biggest production houses that create movies that are visually only created in a computer workstation. The sounds and other effects might be real, but the visual scenes are created only virtually.

Another application is in advertisments, that are used to promote different kind of products. One such popular advertisement is that of Duracell, which shows a couple of three dimensional bunnies racing to win. The big advantage of such advertisements is that they allow the creators a lot of leeway when it comes to imagining new settings and scenarios. In a real world, no producer would be able to show two real bunnies racing on a pack of batteries. But real world restrictions do not work when it comes to creating animation using computer graphics. That is where using computer animation is especially useful.

Even as a normal 3d animation company is mostly focused on computer graphics and how to create the best images, they also sometimes have departments for sound, art, music and dubbing. This allows them to give a complete package to their clients. This way the animation company can produce the complete product, and reduce the overhead of outsourcing of important parts like sound and dubbing.